Spinal Balance

Our spinal balance treatment involves the re-alignment and correction of the craniosacral system as well as the structural realignment of the spine combined with deep tissue massage. This 15-20 minute treatment is great for any one who needs some deep work done, but not a lot of time on their hands and is $49.

Spinal Balance & Massage Therapy combination

Our spinal balance treatment can be combined with any length of deep tissue or remedial massage to completely align the body and relieve all your aches and pains. Private health rebates available.

Spinal Balance and 15 minute massage- $69

Spinal Balance and 30 minute massage- $89

Spinal Balance and 45 minute massage- $107

Spinal Balance and 60 minute massage- $120

Private health rebates available. Please let us know at the time of booking if you need to claim

Spinal balance Testimonials


When I was 12 years old I started experiencing quite a lot of back pain and after going to the Chiropractor a few times and then getting x-rays, I had discovered I had scoliosis (Curvature of the spine)

I continued to see the Chiropractor for 6 years, however I was still experiencing a lot of pain and after getting treated I would go back to feeling all of the pain again within a week.

Every time I went back to the Chiropractor the same treatment was performed on me (just to be cracked) regardless of where my pain was.

I was told working in a supermarket was bad for my back. When I got a desk job I was then told that was also bad. After trying to increase my exercise to strengthen my back, I was told this wasn’t the best for me. I became extremely frustrated and decided to try a different treatment.

My mum’s friend suggested Justin Batt. Before I first visited Justin I was in constant extreme pain and had constant aching to the point I was having a lot of difficulty sleeping. I was 18 when I first saw Justin. I could not believe how much better my back felt after just one visit!

I felt like my back freed up instantly and I no longer had a constant ache. I have continued to see Justin for Spinal Balance over the last couple of months and have NEVER felt better. I am so glad I tried this and almost feel angry at myself for not trying it sooner.

I highly recommend spinal balance with Justin to anyone that has back pain. I suffered with it for 6 years and felt instantly better after one treatment.

Justin also explained everything to me really well so that I understood why I was getting the pain and why the other treatment wasn’t working for me.

I no longer feel bad about my job, and am able to exercise without pain. I now know my job and exercise weren’t the problem causing my pain. I just wasn’t getting the right treatment. Now I am thanks to Justin

J.B, 19, W’bool

Justin’s comments

JB was suffering a lot of daily pain when I first saw her. Her spine was way out of alignment and this was due to severe muscle knotting that had developed in her lower back and hips. Once the lower back was jammed, the muscles through the mid and upper back became jammed as well. We had to release muscle knotting and align the pelvis and spine.

JB is going really well.



I heard Justin Batt talking on the radio as I was sitting in the car waiting for my wife to finish yoga. He was talking about back pain.

For a long time I have struggled to walk the way I want to, and the pain in my back has been getting worse. I also suffered with a lot of shoulder pain which wasn’t allowing me to sleep properly.

After seeing Justin for Spinal Balance treatment over a few weeks I couldn’t believe the difference in the way I was feeling. I could truly walk better than I had in decades. My back pain was gone. The treatment worked wonders. I felt like a boy again! So many people have commented on how much better I now move.

I recommend Justin to everybody I see.

Also my shoulder pain is gone and I am sleeping really well. My experience with Spinal Balance treatment has been wonderful for my quality of life.

Bill O’Shannessy, 82, Warrnambool

Justin’s Comment

What I love about Bills Experience is what he kept looking for the right treatment to improve his condition. Many people as they age just accept where they are at and are told by others that is what they should expect. To get worse as you get older. This is not true. You can feel better than you have in years with the right treatment.

My process with Bill was to re-align the structural system and to release hardened and knotted muscle tissue that had developed over many years.




I am now 29 years old and have suffered with a lot of back pain since about the age of 18. After years of treatment and endless appointments with Physios and Chiropractors with little to no results,  I was recommended by my partner to see Justin for Spinal Balance. He has been seeing Justin for a while and was getting great results.

My symptoms when I first saw Justin were back pain and stiffness, sore hips and sciatica where pain would radiate down my legs. The pain worsened a lot when I tried to walk.

After my first 2 sessions with Justin I noticed a huge difference. My back had loosened up a lot, and the hip pain and sciatica had decreased to the point that I could barely notice it. I could walk without pin and my recovery was really good.

My recovery from netball is dramatically better since I started seeing Justin. If you suffer with back pain I highly recommend you try Spinal Balance treatment at the Wellness centre.

Julia C, 27, W’bool

Justin’s Comment

Julia had deep muscle adhesions/knots in the muscles of the lower back adjacent to the spine. This was causing intense pressure on the sciatic nerve and causing referred pain into her legs. The focus was on removing these deep muscle knots and re-aligning the spine, hips and pelvis.




I have congenital scoliosis and am very wary of anyone touching my back. I would go to the chiropractor and get some relief for a week or two and then severe pain would start back up.

I felt my spine was twisted when I was walking or going up stairs and I was in constant pain.

I heard about Justin Batt and thought I would give the treatment a go. Since being treated by Justin with Spinal Balance, my back pain has decreased that much I don’t notice it!

The treatment has been fantastic for me and I would highly recommend others suffering from pain to try it. The results are long lasting.

Fiona N, Dairy farmer, Princetown

Justin’s Comment

Fiona had advanced scoliosis which means it is critical to effectively treat the structural and muscular system together. Her muscles had developed deep knots and lesions, so getting rid of those were a priority to reduce and eliminate pain. Fiona has made significant progress.


Aching Legs. Neck Pain

I heard about the Spinal Balance treatment on the radio. I booked into see Justin Batt.

My main issues were aching legs and neck problems. Justin started treating me and I was amazed at the level of relief I had even after one week. Within a couple of months I had no more neck or leg problems!

I also felt very energized. I haven’t felt this good in years. I have so much more energy and sleep so much better.

Overall I feel fantastic at a body and soul level.

Heather, 65, Warrnambool

Justin’s Comments

Heathers lower back was jammed out of alignment. This was causing nerve restriction into her legs. I re-aligned the hips and pelvis which helped the neck release. (The pelvis, head and neck work together) Heathers increase in energy and improved sleep patterns came from her Craniosacral (her alignment) system going back into place. This activates the flow of cerebral spinal fluid up and down the spine, and balances the nervous system. This leads to better energy flow and improved sleep patterns.



KEELY – 5 Year old with chronic headaches

My 5 year old Keely had a difficult birth and has always suffered from headaches.  It got to the point where I thought it might be something really bad, as she would regularly scream uncontrollably in pain, and wouldn’t eat.

We looked at diet and everything else, but nothing worked.  I hated giving her Panadol and Nurofen all the time. She was living on it.

I was considering a brain scan, and was talking to a friend at swimming lessons.  She recommended seeing Justin Batt for Spinal Balancing.

I booked her in with Justin, prior to her starting school as I knew she wasn’t able to concentrate with her headaches.

Her results with Justin have been amazing.  Her headaches which she had suffered from for years went away after her first visit!  Keely’s headaches are truly a thing of the past for her.

She had her first treatment with Justin about 12 months ago, and now we just go for a rebalance from time to time


Justin’s Comment

Keely’s spinal alignment was out and this was causing the muscles through her neck to contract and pull on the base of her skull.

As I corrected the alignment, the muscles relaxed and the headaches went away. I highly recommend parents to have their children’s spinal alignment properly checked and corrected.



7 Year old Bianca’s story


My 7 year old daughter Bianca began getting very ill about 10 months ago. Within a week or two she was unable to function at all. This included not being able to walk as well as being unable to shower herself or take herself to the toilet.

This continued for around 8 months. We were at the hospital on average twice a day through this period. It was thought that she had Rheumatic fever. As a mother, this was an incredibly distressing time. She was in constant pain with daily migraines that never left her.

It was then thought by the doctors that she had epilepsy. During these months Bianca was on a daily combination of strong painkillers, antibiotics and migraine medication.

I heard about Justin Batt and decided to make an appointment with him because Bianca just wasn’t getting any better. After her first treatment she seemed to be a bit brighter. Her second treatment was five days later.

After her second treatment with Justin there was an immediate transformation in her. She could walk and function and by the end of the week (about 9 days after initially seeing Justin) she was back at school!

Her migraines were gone and you could see the life come back into her. I would describe this as truly amazing.

Bianca had her third treatment with Justin about 2 weeks after her second, and then her forth treatment about 3 weeks later. It has now been 2 ½ months since she first saw Justin, and I have never seen her happier then she is now. I am so grateful that my daughter is back to where she should be. This has been a life changing experience.

Justin’s comment

When I saw Bianca her craniosacral system that controls the spine and nervous system was incredibly twisted and out of alignment. It seemed like her nervous system had shut down. Treatment involved using spinal balance to reactivate the spine and nervous system. I also used hands on correction to assist the body in clearing infection and activating the immune response. Within a short amount of time Bianca was back in balance. I am extremely happy for both her and her family.




For a long time I have suffered with a lot of back and neck pain.

Four weeks ago I was referred to Justin by a friend. From the very first treatment I noticed an incredible improvement. I am now able to walk significantly further and I have no pain.

In the past I have had Chiropractic treatment 1-3 times per week for a full year. This cost me thousands of dollars and I felt worse at the end of the year.

I have referred many people to Justin for Spinal Balance treatment and will continue to do so. Many Thanks

Chrissy McIntosh, 47, Warrnambool

Justin’s Comment

There was a lot of muscle knotting with Chrissy. If just the structure is corrected and the muscles are left knotted it is not going to solve the problem. I needed to realign the spine and properly remove the hardened muscle knots that had formed around her spine over time.




I had been suffering with terrible back and hip pain. I am a keen golfer and the pain has stopped me playing golf. I had heard about Justin and Spinal Balance treatment through my son. Not only was I in a lot of pain, I had also lost movement in my back and hip.

I started seeing Justin and in a short amount of time I noticed and incredible change. The results I have had from the spinal Balance have been marvellous. My pain has gone and I have all of my movement back. I am playing golf again without pain which is great.

Clive Gavin, 72, W’bool

Justin’s Comment

Like a lot of people, Clive had a combination of a spine that was out of alignment, and the formation of deep tissue muscle knots through the back and hips. As we corrected these issues, Clive quickly got better.




I first heard about Spinal Balance treatment listening to Justin Batt on the radio. For a long time I had becoming round shouldered and was having a lot of neck and shoulder pain. I was heading towards stooping over as a lot of older people do. I started seeing Justin for Spinal Balance treatment.

Since stating this treatment everything has loosened up and I am standing much straighter.

My pain has gone which is great. I am feeling so much better.

Merrilyn Buck, 67, Allansford.

Justin’s Comment

Merrilyn has severe contraction of her thoracic muscles in the mid back. Her pelvis was also out of alignment. Focus was on realignment and releasing the muscle knotting that had formed over many years.




For many years I have suffered with really bad daily hip pain. Ever since I was a teenager, if I stood for very long or tried to do exercise I would get bad hip pain.

Over the years I have tried different treatment but they haven’t helped. My brother told me about Justin batt and his Spinal treatment because it had fixed his back problems.

I have now had four treatments with Justin and my hip pain has gone away. Even when I stand for a long time or exercise I don’t get pain anymore. This is fantastic because I thought that I would have to live with that pain.

LH, 23 Warrnambool

Justin’s comment

LH was severely out of alignment. As well as realigning the hips, spine and pelvis, I had to release and remove deep muscle knots and lesions that had formed over many years. As we did this the improvement was very noticeable each week.




For a long time I had severe hand, wrist and shoulder pain. I was unable to use my right arm due to the pain. I had swelling and pain through the area, and tried many different treatments without results.

I had a lot of physiotherapy over many months but was unable to get relief. I had all types of scans and blood tests.

I was referred to see Justin and in a short amount of time I had amazing relief. Through Justin I have been able to completely get rid of my pain. I also had lower back pain for a long time, and through Justin’s treatments that has gone as well.

I have no doubt that without Justin’s treatments I would not be able to live the life I now do. I am able to do what I want, and I am very mobile and pain free. I have recommended Justin to many of our friends and they too have received great results. My wife has also been treated by Justin for many years and he has kept her mobile which other practitioners weren’t able to do.

I now see Justin once a month for maintenance rebalances to keep myself mobile and pain free.

M.C Grey, 73, W’bool

Justin’s Comment

When I first say M.G, he had a high level of hardened fibrous tissue through his back, shoulder and arm. The priority was to break down and remove this hard fibrous tissue. This lowered pain and increased mobility. As we went I also aligned the hips and spine so that there wasn’t added stress and overload on the muscle groups.

M.G is going extremely well and lives a normal pain free life.




I came across the spinal treatment after hearing Justin on the radio. I thought I would give it a go. I have spent the last 12 years in pain trying Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Pilates, stretching and yoga.

I can say that nothing compared to the results I have got with Justin’s spinal treatment, it has allowed me to get back into triathlons and push hard knowing I can recover without lower back flare up. I now see Justin once a month for a maintenance treatment because I work and train hard.

I used to have severe back pain all the time, and now I have none. I would highly recommend anyone having back pain to see Justin for Spinal Balance treatment.

Adam Cashmore, 40, W’bool

Justin’s Comment

Adam is a high quality triathlete but was finding it impossible to train and compete properly due to his debilitating back pain and loss of movement.

His pelvis and spine were way out of alignment, and he had a build up of hard, fibrous muscle tissue around the lower spine. I had to realign him and remove the fibrous tissue. When you effectively get rid of knotted, fibrous muscle tissue, strength and mobility is restored.




I heard about Spinal Balance through listening to Justin on the radio. I was suffering with severe back pain that was radiating into my leg. I have tried other treatments with a physiotherapy and Chiropractic but the relief would last about 2 days at best.

Since seeing Justin my back pain and leg pain have gone. I have my mobility back can go for a long walk every day.  Previously after 5 minutes of walking my back and leg would ache and I would have to stop. I am very happy with my results.

Jan Bourke, 60, W’bool

Justin’s Comment

Jan had a lot of inflammation and hardened muscle tissue through her lower back. Her hips were out of alignment which was causing compression on her sciatic nerve. Treatment involved re-aligning the spine and removing the deep muscle knots.



Vanessa’s Story

I have been receiving Spinal Balance treatment with Justin since hearing about it through Facebook. Since I started treatment I have been sleeping much better, I have more energy, and generally feel much better in myself. I previously suffered vertigo which has improved dramatically. I have no more sharp burning pain in my neck, and my back feels so much better. My mood has improved a great deal. I would highly recommend seeing Justin for Spinal Balance treatment.

Vanessa Rethus, W’bool

Justin’s comments

Vanessa had an issue with her spinal alignment and the build up of the muscle knots. Like so many people Vanessa needed both her structural and muscular systems rebalanced.



Severe Back Pain (86 years old)

For many years I have been suffering with severe back pain and pain through both hips. I had got to the stage where I could barely walk. I had bad pins and needles into my legs which would trouble me every day, but the worst thing was that it would keep me awake through the night.

A few months ago I heard about Justin Batt on the radio talking about back problems, and what he was saying made sense to me. I started seeing Justin and within a short amount of time I had great improvement in my symptoms. The pain in my hips and back reduced greatly, as did the pins and needles through my legs. Over time I have improved more and more. I have no doubt that I was headed for a wheelchair, but with Justin’s Spinal Treatment I have got better and better. I am now more mobile then I have been in years. I am sleeping well, and my pain levels are low. I am extremely pleased with my results.

Justin’s Comment

Noel had a great deal of fibrous muscle tissue built up through the lower back. This was causing restriction and blockage of nerve supply into his legs. The focus was on re-alignment of the spine and removal of the muscle knotting that was causing the muscle tissue to become hard and fibrous. As we did this Noels symptoms improved dramatically. I now see him from time to time for a rebalance.


Noel Wright, 86, Warrnambool