Phoenix Coaching

Welcome to Phoenix Coaching. We offer transformational coaching specifically designed to transform the quality of your day to day life.

Through our coaching process you will learn how to create the life you want to live in all of its many aspects, as well as learning how to delete and remove the damaging patterns and programs that you may currently be running.

Phoenix Coaching is a practical model that can easily be integrated into your daily life to transform both the way you see and live your life. Through our Coaching you will experience a dramatic increase in states such as joy, excitement, flow and measurable results in many areas. You will also have a dramatic decrease in states such as frustration, pain, anger, low motivation and the overall sensation of feeling “stuck”.

Our coaching involves two key roles. That of the Coach and that of the Client. You will be Coached in the very best skills and strategies to be implemented to your everyday life. What is important as an individual is that you have a want and desire to change and upgrade the quality of your life.

Our techniques are designed to be both easily learnt and integrated. If you feel like you are not living the life you were meant to live, and you want to make the necessary changes call us today and get your journey started.


Transformational Coach Justin Batt has trained with the Coaching Institute and the International Coach Academy, and holds a Diploma in Biofeedback specialising in human language and behavioural patterns.


Justin has trained directly with:

- Dr. Allan Phillips – Neurolink Developer and Health Expert

- Peter Dawson – Master Life Coach

- Dan Millman – World Champion Gymnast/ Bestselling Author

- Dr. Don Bartram – Biofeedback Master Practitioner

Justin has attended seminars and extensively studied the teachings of:

- Dr. Eric Pearl – Reconnective Healing

- Dr. Richard Bartlett – Matrix Energetic

- Dr. Joe Deipenza – Mind Expert

- Dr. Wayne Dyer – Spiritual Teacher

- Tony Robbins – Master Life Coach

- Abraham Hicks – Law of Attraction Master

- Nassim Haramein – Worlds Leading Quantum Physicist

- Dr. Carolyn Myss – Medical Medium

- Eckhart Tolle – Spiritual Master

Justin has also attended the Rythmia Life Advancement Centre in Costa Rica on multiple occasions to work with some of the world’s leading healers, shamans and thought leaders.

Having spent many tens of thousands of hours over the last 30 years, Justin has put together a protocol for individual life transformation combining the very best information. The information within the protocol is both highly effective and efficient, to ensure that each individual is able to achieve the changes they desire to live their optimal life.

Justin has worked with hundreds of clients to restore mental, physical and emotional balance. Phoenix Coaching offers one on one coaching sessions to develop high level skills and strategies to be integrated into everyday life.


For Coaching Appointments phone the Wellness Centre directly on (03) 5561 3153.


Our Coaching appointments have two options- a 30 minute or 45 minute appointment.

Consultation fees are as follows: -

  • 30 Minutes - $110

  • 45 Minutes - $160

These fees include your Coaching session plus emails containing specific information to be sent to you.

There are also two options of how to experience your Coaching session.

1. At the Warrnambool Wellness Centre. Note: If you are attending the Wellness Centre for your appointment with Justin the information contained in the emails will be given directly to you.

2. Phone Appointment. Justin will call you within 10 minutes of your allocated appointment time. Emails will be sent to you following your appointment. Note: For phone appointments payment is required prior to the appointment. Speak to the Wellness Centre Staff regarding this.