Matrix Healing

Matrix Healing with Justin Batt is a hands on treatment to activate physical, mental and emotional healing.

The first phase of the treatment involves the structural alignment of the hips, spine and pelvis.

The second phase is the energy healing component. Hands on therapy is applied to access the subconscious (unconscious) brain to correct energy imbalances within your system. This also clears blockages that limit your ability to heal physically, mentally and emotionally.

This treatment was developed through Justin’s direct training with Dr Eric Pearl (Reconnective Healing) and Dr Richard Bartlett (Matrix Energetics).

Justin has also completed multiple trips to the Rythmia Life Advancement Centre in Costa Rica working with some of the world’s best Shamans.


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Consultation Fee: $95


My experience with Matrix healing has been very interesting to say the least. Justin’s explanation of the sessions has created a very safe and nurturing place to experience healing. The sessions have been extremely relaxing as I have had great difficulty switching off. I am totally able to switch off while receiving the Matrix Healing which has been amazing.

During the sessions I have experienced a lot of tingling sensations in various parts of my body as the energy shifts and releases. I have had many memory connections to things in my childhood.

All of this has happened so naturally, and it is like things are being cleared and healed.

Following the sessions I have noticed changes in my approach to life. I am calmer, and have a greater sense of love towards others, and others love towards me. This is me moving from my head to my heart and allowing the energy connections to flourish.

There is a real sense of change and growth with each Matrix Healing session I experience.


Jill Reid, Warrnambool



I started receiving Matrix Healing sessions from Justin because my voice had been gone for over 12 months. During that time I had seen my Doctor, a Specialist, and a Speech Therapist without any improvement. I was in a state of extreme stress, as well as being extremely physically run down.

Since having Matrix Healing I feel like a different person. My voice has returned, and I experienced a deep clearing around my throat. You can feel the energy coming from Justin’s hands. I now want to do things, and my stress levels have greatly reduced. This feels like healing on a deep level, and has greatly helped me resolve the chronic issues I was suffering with.


Marilyn H, Hamilton



Matrix healing with Justin at the Wellness Centre has increased my well-being and quality of life in all respects.

Almost like magic the first session produced an instant overwhelming sensation of relaxation, peace and happiness.

Following the second session I felt physically, emotionally and spiritually transformed. As tho I was introduced to a new state of awareness, a realignment of internal spirit and physical body, removing energy blockages and helping heal past traumas.

Since treatment my energy levels have increased, physical tension has released from my body and my mental state has become not only clearer but more hopeful.

It is extremely difficult to adequately describe my Matrix experience. During treatments a wave of energy seemingly infuses me, evoking a physical response in certain areas of the body, my perception of physical, mental and emotional issues has been deeply altered. Most astounding has been the release of negative energy and emotions I was not consciously aware I had been carrying and holding onto.

Overall Matrix healing with Justin has made me feel better equipped to deal with the past, inspired new possibilities for the future and instilled a sense of calm which has flowed into all areas of my life. Put simply it feels as if I have been reintroduced to and become closer to my true inner self. I very much look forward to future sessions as this consciousness technology is undeniably extremely powerful.

Karen T, Warrnambool