Foot Detox

30 minutes $45 or Dual Session for 2 people $65

This amazing treatment involves placing your feet in the detox unit which holds a highly sophisticated "array" which ionises the water.

The "array" changes the polarity of the water from a positive to negative charge every few minutes, which activates toxins and acid wastes to be drawn out through the 2000 pores on the soles of each foot. Note that the colour of the water will change as the toxins are released from the body.

At the Wellness Centre we understand that the build up in toxicity and acid deposits within the body is the number one cause of illness and disease.

Detoxing your system with the Ion detox unit is one of the most powerful things you can do to move towards true wellness.

We recommend a course of six sessions over 4-8 weeks, with a follow up from time to time to ensure you never again accumulate toxicity.