Computerised Health Treatment

For symptoms such as stress, hormone imbalance, fatigue, sleep problems, food sensitivities, digestive issues, learning difficulties, behavioural problems in children and much more.

Feeling tired, rundown, stressed?
Speak to us about our computerised biofeedback systems. See how this treatment has helped so many of our clients by clicking:


30 minutes- $39

Take the first step to overall better health and wellbeing.


Child $65 (allow 60 minutes) | Adult $89 (allow 75 minutes)

Our Biofeedback computerised health systems are a two way system. This means they are able to detect imbalances and problem areas within your nervous system and then, most importantly, we are able to run specific treatment programs through our Biofeedback to restore balance and vitality where required.


Tesla Energy Room

The Tesla Energy Room is comprised of 98 Tesla Energy Plates built into the walls, ceiling and floor, to provide the latest in energy technology to enhance your health and well being. There are two main functions of the Tesla Energy Room: To balance and remove energy blockages throughout the body, and to raise cellular frequency and vitality in the body.